Low-latency origin

Phenix low-latency origin can handle ingest, distribution encoding, and hand-off to existing CDNs to achieve a 10 second latency across multiple CDNs with full DRM support.

Low-latency origin workflow

Adaptive bitrate

Phenix ABR allows for the best possible video quality and resolution regardless of a user's connection, OS or device

Content protection

Phenix supports all of today’s DRM sources including: PlayReady, Widevine, FairPlay, Cisco, and Marlin

High availability encoding

Phenix has multiple encoders at independent locations where each produces the same chunks that can serve for hot failover. Those chunks are pushed into CDN infrastructure.

Global distribution

Phenix has a global private fiber network that connects a distributed data center footprint with over 15 points of presence.

Efficiency at scale

Flexible distribution

Phenix can integrate with broadcasters in multiple ways:

Phenix can handle ingest and distribution encoding and hand off to CDN; latency will be 10 seconds end-to-end with full DRM support.


Client will provide a fully transcoded stream to Phenix to handle all content delivery; latency will be 6-8 seconds excluding encoding

Features / Tech

Standard compliant with support for global delivery across all devices with 3-10 seconds end-to-end latency
On-site multi-bitrate ingest and distribution encoding, including DRM, handing off to CDN
CDN agnostic with support for single or multiple CDN deployments and multiple players
Utilize standard and/or preferred DRM vendors
Track key metrics including time to first frame, session-level data, geographies

Feature & platform matrix

Phenix drives revenue

Phenix low-latency origin can deliver a CDN agnostic or multi-CDN streaming solution with a consistent 10 seconds of latency with full DRM support matching broadcasts over the air, satellite, and cable.

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