Live and
Real-Time are
NOT the same

Live and real-time are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same. Live streaming comes with latency, buffering and streams that are not in sync.


Live streaming latency ranges from 5 seconds up to a minute and comes with the possibility of rebuffering events.


Real-Time streaming latency is always less than a ½ second and with Phenix all viewers see the content synchronously driving engagement, enabling social interactions and increasing revenues.

High availability ingest

Improve scalability and reliability of backend eliminating single points of failure.


Patent-pending technology enabling users to watch real-time, live or VOD content synchronously at the same time.

Private fiber network

Data streaming across a private fiber network on the private internet rather than the public internet.

Automatic handling of flash crowds

Phenix AI controlled operations enable the platform to scale elastically. Provisioning and de-provisioning servers take seconds and are done without service interruption.

Real-Time matters

Time to first frame


Features / Tech

Global real-time IP distribution
Real-Time analytics
High availability distribution
Edge transformation & failover
Standard compliance & security

Client agnostic

Phenix drives revenue

With faster TTFF and real-time streaming, you have more interaction which leads to increased engagement and increased revenue. Find out how we can take your business to the next level.

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